Women in Construction Summit: Weekly Roundup

March 9, 2018 Kristen Sylva

As part of Women in Construction week, the Autodesk team traveled across the pond to attend the London Women in Construction Summit. The WIC Summit brought together an inspiring community of more than 400 women and men to expand the conversation on gender equality and hear insights from industry leaders. 

It included workshops, sessions, and keynotes, covering a wide range of conversations and challenging topics. Among them:

  • Mentoring and advocating for each other
  • Using diversity to bring new perspectives to projects
  • Leading the way with ideas to help optimize processes



For us, one of the highlights was a hosted interactive workshop that focused on current challenges that construction professionals face today. During the workshop, delegates from companies large and small collaborated to create technology plans and tools that they could take and apply to their offices and project sites. This activity aimed to empower women in construction to bring new ideas to their companies for more efficient and collaborative ways of working.



"What we liked best was that everyone was able to brainstorm together how to address shared challenges, and define steps to work toward their ideal workflows and stakeholder integration."

Jenna Keller, Autodesk Customer Adoption Specialist, Construction

Here at Autodesk, we are proud to celebrate all women in industry during Women in Construction Week. It’s also important to remember that recognizing champions of change should not be bound to a single moment in time. If there’s one thing we all learned from this event, its that we have an industry with women who are true trailblazers, and who challenge the way we have “always done things” in construction. These stories need to be told all year long to help change the perception of the industry.

When we share our innovative work and inspiring stories with other women and girls, we help to show them the amazing benefits and opportunities a career in construction can hold.

In case you missed it, here are the stories we shared this week:


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