Miron Forges the Way for a New Generation of Women in Construction

March 7, 2018 Kristen Sylva

Despite historic strides over the past few decades for women in the workforce, construction has remained an industry largely lacking gender diversity. Currently, women in construction make up only 9 percent of industry jobs, and most of those are office jobs. Only 1.2 percent of trade jobs are held by women.


This week, we celebrate both the women who have forged the way for others in the industry, and the organizations that are investing in a new generation of women in construction. Few organizations have done more in this regard than Miron Construction.


About Miron Construction

Miron is a Wisconsin-based contractor founded in 1918 that has been leading the way in encouraging the next generation of workers and, especially, young women, to get involved in construction. For Miron, training up women as well as men to the industry is a logical choice to address ongoing skilled and technical labor shortages, as well as to build and secure diversity in the industry.


Build Like a Girl

Build Like a Girl - Women in Construction

Build Like a Girl - Miron Construction Hosts a Full Day Event for Young Women

Every year, Miron hosts a full-day event for 7th through 10th grade girls focused on providing these young women with an inspiring hands-on experience. Girls in the program visit a temporary job site and get their hands literally dirty trying out masonry, carpentry, concrete work, and equipment operation. The event also includes a tour of a live construction site, and provides access to successful women in construction to serve as mentors and role models. Young women leave the program inspired and excited about what they learn, and wanting to learn more.


Smart Girls Rock

In partnership with Miller Electric and the Talent Cooperative, Miron Construction hosts Smart Girls Rock!, an annual event with a broader focus on STEM careers in general, including construction. Like Build Like a Girl, the event provides hands-on experiences for young women, as well as mentoring and guidance in career planning. The event includes interactive activities in welding, healthcare, and crime scene investigation. Miron’s leadership hopes that by exposing more girls to a diversity of STEM careers including construction, many will become inspired to pursue the field.

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Technology and the Future of Women in Construction

Technology has changed the face of modern construction in a multitude of ways, including opening new opportunities for women pursuing science and technology careers. In addition to their direct focus on promoting women in construction, Miron has invested heavily in construction technology that streamlines their process and boosts profitability and, as a side benefit, attracts a new generation of science and technology workers. Combining these innovations with their events for young women, Miron hopes to substantially improve the ratio of women in the next generation joining their crews, research teams, and leadership.

Here at Autodesk BIM 360, we celebrate both the women who have forged careers in this traditionally male-dominated field, and the organizations who support and encourage them. We’re thrilled to partner with Miron in their efforts.


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