Track Your Construction Daily Reports With The New BIM 360 + NoteVault Integration

September 28, 2018 John Hall

Daily reports are an essential process during any construction project. Daily reporting provides important information to subcontractors and stakeholders, explaining the details of the job and the progress of the project. Quality construction daily reports tell the story of a project and ensure everyone involved in the project is transparent and on the same page.

They also provide important documentation in the case of a legal or contractual dispute, and can ensure that subcontractors are properly reimbursed. Having a record of performance can help explain delays and problems, and help stakeholders understand the project and plan better for the future.

Traditionally, daily reporting has often been a tedious and time-consuming process, with the project superintendent manually writing notes at the end of the day and trying to remember and capture the relevant information by hand. A new integration between NoteVault and BIM 360 changes that, allowing notes to be easily captured, shared, and synced among all stakeholders.


What Is NoteVault?


With NoteVault you can document site conditions simply by speaking into and taking photos with your phone.

NoteVault is the best daily construction reporting solution, providing a powerful reporting platform for both field and office staff that speeds communication and collaboration. Utilized by owners, managers, general contractors, and subcontractors, NoteVault has provided unique speech-powered mobile apps to the engineering and construction industries for over 10 years.

With NoteVault’s intuitive Notes! App, you can document site conditions simply by speaking into and taking photos with your phone. Company-branded daily reports are automatically generated, and the next day you can receive a beautiful PDF report with all of the information, including weather, location, time, and name of person taking the report. It’s like having a personal assistant right on your phone.

NoteVault uses human transcription to ensure that transcribed notes are accurate. All of the reports are synced and organized on the cloud and accessible with any mobile device. Reports can also be organized into customizable categories, and keyword notifications allow you to be notified anytime a specific keyword is used in a report. Subcontractors’ Daily Reports can be included and automated at no additional cost, so all project stakeholders can contribute to and access the project’s documentation.

Key Takeaways:

  • Document site conditions simply by speaking into and taking photos with your phone
  • Syncs information between owners, managers, GCs, and subcontractors
  • Get automated company branded PDF reports each day including weather, location, time, etc.


How the Integration Helps Construction Daily Reports

With the Autodesk BIM 360 Notevault Integration, notes and observations captured through NoteVault are converted into daily reports, and the daily reports are automatically uploaded to the appropriate Document Management folder within Autodesk BIM 360. Projects are connected from NoteVault to BIM 360. NoteVault’s keyword recognition can notify key stakeholders when a given keyword is entered.

NoteVault converts your team's audio notes into customizable and actionable daily reports, saving countless hours on the jobsite. With the NoteVault BIM 360 Integration, you can easily automate daily reporting, and ensure your daily reports are properly organized and viewable by any stakeholder, anytime.

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  • Increase field and office collaboration by connecting the “boots on the ground” to admin


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