Construction Executive On-Demand: Streamline the RFI Process Across the Digital Journey

The RFI process requires collaboration from many project stakeholders and can often be a contributing factor in project delays. Standardizing these processes not only helps eliminate downtime between parties, but also opens the door to begin collecting and analyzing pertinent data to make informed business decisions in the future.

Watch this on-demand recording to learn from experts from AutodeskVaughn Construction, and Perkins and Will, on how teams can set their projects up for success and reach greater productivity no matter where they stand in their digital journey.



Too Long, Didn't Watch?

No worries. Here's the breakdown of what we had to say. 

  • Learn how to select the best RFI solutions
  • Drive collaboration from all stakeholders
  • Streamline the RFI process
  • And implement data proven strategies to improve your business



Current Challenges with RFIs:


How to Overcome RFI Challenges and Implement Best Practices:

  • Standardizing your procedures
  • Utilizing data driven strategies
  • Analyze your data to spot trends and common issues
  • Identify bottlenecks and communication gaps
  • Utilize machine learning and AI to predict patterns and minimize risk
  • Have an overall view of RFI history to identify common trends


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