BIM 360 Design now with Europe data center

April 8, 2020 Esther Dsouza

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BIM 360 Design customers in Europe have some positive news to look forward to this week. As part of its annual global launch, Autodesk announced today that BIM 360 Design customers now have the option to host their project data in Europe. You can read the full story on Autodesk News here.

The implementation of Europe data center for BIM 360 Design is based on continued requests from our European customers. We’re thrilled to be able to respond to their needs by providing them the ability to choose where their project data resides.

The Europe data center option comes on the heels of BIM 360 Design’s recent expansion to offer anytime, anywhere collaboration to Autodesk Plant 3D and Civil 3D users. As BIM 360 Design’s capabilities grow, customers can look forward to driving greater value from this one-of-a-kind collaboration and data management solution for horizontal and vertical projects.

Alex Mortiboys, Head of BIM at Dutch architecture firm, Office of Metropolitan Architecture (OMA), says OMA is excited to take advantage of this option.

“We are always looking to drive efficiency in our design process, so we have put cloud-based collaboration at the core of our practice. With the confidence in a European data center, we can expand our ability to propose BIM 360 Design to our public and private clients in Europe and beyond. This will help us provide greater efficiency and transparency to our clients.”

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What does this mean for current BIM 360 Design customers?

If you are a current BIM 360 Design customer, you will have the option of hosting your “Covered Content” (or project data) in Europe on new account sites* going forward.

The best way to do this is to identify a second Contract Manager with distinctly separate credentials from the current Contract Manager administering your company’s current account site hosted in the US. Have the second Contract Manager purchase a new subscription (a single seat will do) of BIM 360 Design via a new contract. Then, select “Europe” as the location of project data during account set up.

Note: Any new BIM 360 Design contracts purchased by Contract Managers are automatically assigned to the first account site they set up. This is why a second CM is needed to set up a new account site on Europe data center.

*“Account site” means the BIM 360 site where your company or organization sets up its projects.

Can I move my project data or users from an account site hosted in the US to an account site hosted in Europe?

Because there is no automated migration path to move project data between account sites hosted in either the US or Europe, we recommend finishing ongoing projects hosted in the US and starting new projects on a new account site hosted in Europe.

Can I store my project data in Europe even if I’m not based in Europe?

Yes. During account set up, choose “Europe” as the location of your project data. Create new projects, add new users, and administer this account just like you would on the US data center.

Will all components of BIM 360 Design be available on the Europe data center?

The following modules, services, and entitlements included in the BIM 360 Design offering will be available on the Europe data center:

  • Revit Cloud Worksharing (with Revit 2021 and later versions),
  • Collaboration for Civil 3D (with Civil 3D 2020.2 and later versions),
  • Collaboration for Plant 3D (with Plant 3D 2021 and later versions),
  • BIM 360 Document Management module,
  • BIM 360 Design Collaboration module,
  • BIM 360 HQ (or BIM 360 Account Admin & Project Admin modules), and
  • BIM 360 Project Home

Can I set up a BIM 360 Design trial on the Europe data center?

Unfortunately, at this time, the BIM 360 Design trial is not available on the Europe data center. The BIM 360 Design teams are hard at work behind the scenes to expand trial capabilities – keep an eye out for updates!

The cloud has long been revolutionizing what’s possible for the AEC industry. In these challenging times, BIM 360 Design is helping thousands of users maintain business continuity. The option to host project data in Europe is a leap forward for AEC businesses and will help bolster productivity.

Read the FAQs


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