Working Remotely With FormIt and BIM 360

April 6, 2020 Heather Lech

Screenshot of early stage design of building in FormIt

Staying connected with FormIt Pro

We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy! We’re here for you, and we’d like to share how FormIt can help bring your ideas to life from anywhere, including the home office.

FormIt Pro is a powerful, lightweight 3D sketching tool made for architects who are exploring early stage designs, and is available at no additional cost with a subscription to the AEC Collection. FormIt features several ways to stay productive remotely, including by integrating with BIM 360 Docs for data collaboration in the cloud.

Saving and sharing FormIt models on BIM 360 Docs

With FormIt, designers can collaborate remotely by sharing files on BIM 360 Docs. FormIt files can be shared, stored, and viewed in BIM 360 Docs, allowing everyone on the remote team to access the model. Browse to the model from the Open Sketch command, navigate to your Project, and click on a model.

You can also access BIM 360 Docs from your web browser for remote document management, and use markup and issues to assign tasks, send notifications, and track deadlines. You can also create a new issue or review an existing one. Simply click on an issue, and the model will re-orient to a preset location. From here, you can review progress, view related attachments, and close issues.

By storing your conceptual design models on BIM 360 Docs, the whole team, no matter where they are, has easy access to real-time data.

Using Desktop Connector

You can also use Desktop Connector to create a local folder structure that matches project folders on BIM 360 Docs, which will keep you working effectively in the cloud with the convenience and familiarity of desktop file management.

Collaborate in the same FormIt model in real time

Take advantage of FormIt’s Collaboration feature to work with your remote colleagues in real time in the same model. Simply start a Collaboration session and a list of users and a chat field will come up on screen. Invite others to collaborate by sending them a link. Or join an existing session by pasting the link given to you in the Join Session message box. Once you are in the same session, you and your teammate can work in real time, seeing both your changes and the changes of the others in the model.

Have you tried FormIt's new collaboration features?

Have you tried FormIt’s new collaboration features?

The model you are collaborating on can be saved on a cloud location like BIM 360 Docs, or in a local folder or server location.

You can collaborate with your teammates on any combination of FormIt platforms; from Windows, Web, or iOS.

In Conclusion

You can create beautiful conceptual design models, collaborate remotely, review work, and maintain the file organization you’re used to while working with FormIt, BIM 360 Docs, and Desktop Connector. Check out the FormIt blog for more information about working in FormIt, such as product updates, and the FormIt forum to stay connected to the FormIt community. We hope that this blog post presented an easy-to-understand overview of how you can stay connected to your work – we are striving to support you during this time. Please check this COVID-19 Autodesk Resource Center page for ongoing information.

Best wishes for health and project success in 2020!

Heather Lech

Written by Heather Lech with contribution from Josh Goldstein, Lainie Ransom and Emily Bisaga Dunne

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