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BIM Technologies Applied in Construction Phase of China Zun Tower

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- Architecture, structure & MEP detailing - Decoration & interior design - Curtain wall design and other - Specialization design - 3D scanning data review - Model & information integration - Collision detection - 4D construction simulation - Schedule planning - 3D scanning data review - On-site construction inspection - Fine decoration complex parts design & fabrication - Generate BIM models for decoration design The general contractor and subcontrac- tors apply BIM technology to address the difficulties 1. BIM is adopted in design detailing of architec- ture, structure and MEP parts to develop and verify original designs. BIM detailing greatly improves efficiency and feasibility. Over 6,200 defects have been detected and fixed in time, cutting the load of on-site changes and modifications. 2. To satisfy construction quality requirements, the contractors use BIM to simulate complex steel structure connections for optimization. Mobile devices and 3D scanning are used to review and guide construction work on site based on the optimized BIM model. 3. The contractors introduce BIM for pre-fabri- cation and off-site digital processing of steel bars, curtain wall plates and electromechan- ical pipelines. This reduces the demand for construction space, and enables industrialized construction. 4. The contractors use Revit to design and manufacture steel bracket and use Navisworks to simulate/optimize the process of concrete pouring. Finally, it took 93 hours to complete concrete pouring of 5,6000m3, with 20% of time saving over traditional pump solution. BIM application overview The project owner CITIC Heye Investment advocates and leads lifecycle BIM application, which has been a mandate for all designers and contractors. BIM data are passed on from design to construction, operation and mainte- nance. After thorough studies and discussions by all parties involved, The Guide to BIM Execution in China Zun Tower was compiled, which set action guideline and standard for all parties during the project life cycle. With progress of the project, experience is accumulated, enabling the Guide to be improved and scaled up. The BIM team for construction phase has over 100 staff from 28 departments covering 9 supporting functions of general contracting. BIM Management Department is the coordinator among internal functions, and the interface with project owner and designers for BIM application. To facilitate model interoperability and data exchange, BIM Management Department of the General Contractor made the following require- ments for the model format to be submitted: • Deliverable Models: Models with original format, link models in Autodesk Revit format, and Autodesk Navisworks-bound browsing models; • Editable models: based on Autodesk Revit platform to aggregate and integrate data of different formats; • Browsing models: based on Autodesk Navis- works platform to integrate data of different formats; • With consent of the project owner, models of other data format can be provided in original format, together with the Autodesk Navis- works models. On top of common BIM applications, the team has innovated with superprecision detailing de- sign, simulation of most challenging construction tasks, prefabrication of super volume structure, and 3D laser scanning. Over 90% of model clashes can be addressed with BIM coordination. Rework and modification drop by 65% compared with traditional practice. BIM model for design BIM model for Operation & Maintenance BIM model for construction Architecture, structure and MEP models align with construction documents Provided by General Designer (BIAD) Provided by General Contractor (CSCEC & CCTEB) Steel structure BIM model Structure detailing BIM model BIM model for GC management MEP detailing BIM model (MEP contractor) Curtain wall BIM model (curtain wall subcontractor) Decoration & interior detailing BIM model (decoration subcontractor) Other specialized BIM models (special subcontractors) AUTODESK ® BIM 360 ™ GLUE ® AUTODESK ® DYNAMO STUDIO AUTODESK ® NAVISWORKS ® MANAGE AUTODESK ® RECAP PRO AUTODESK ® REVIT ®

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