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BIM Technologies Applied in Construction Phase of China Zun Tower

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BIM Technologies Applied in Construction Phase of China Zun Tower China Zun Tower is a role model of BIM application in megasize and complex projects. BIM technology helps the skyscraper over 500m to be built within 62 months. The construction speed is 1.4 times of similar projects. China Zun Tower is China's first intelligent construction project, which is fully empowered by BIM technology to synchronize design management, and to guide construction. BIM technologies are efficiently integrated to ensure crosssectoral alignment and collaboration, life-cycle simulation and life-cycle application. Project challenges: • The world's first skyscraper that stands on an area of 8 degree seismic fortification intensity (China standard for earthquake) • Has the shortest construction period for a skyscraper over 500m, which is only 62 months. • Is located at the heart of CBD in Beijing, leaving little space for construction site. The external wall of the building is extremely close to the property line; • Holds the world's highest steel plate shear wall structure which is over 227m; and the largest concrete filled multi-cavity steel mega-column with cross-section area over 64m2. • Has super mass concrete slab with thickness of 6.5m, area of 1,1478m2 and total concrete amount of 6,2000m3. It is the first time that HRB500 40 mm rebar is used in piled raft foundation. The pit is nearly 40 meters deep. • Has unique styling, complicated structure and various systems. Detailing for and coordinating among different parts are difficult and demanding. Project Overview China Zun Tower is a super-tall and super-large project with the total in- vestment of 3.5 billion USD. It is located on the central axis of Beijing's CBD and covers an area of 1.15 hectares. The construction area totals 437,000 square meters, with 350,000 square meters / 108 floors on the ground, 87,000 square meters / 7 floors underground. After completion, the 528m building will be the tallest in Beijing and become a new landmark of the city skyline. The construction was started in July 2013 and will be completed in October 2018. The owner of this project is China Inter- national Trust and Investment Corpora- tion (CITIC) Heye Investment Co. Ltd., a primary subsidiary of CITIC Group. Beijing Institute of Architecture Design (BIAD) works as the general designer. BIAD works with TFP Design Firm for conceptual design; KPF helps on this project as architectural advisor; Arup is structural advisor and PB is electrome- chanical advisor. The combo of China State Construction Engineering Corpo- ration Ltd. (CSCEC) and China Construc- tion Third Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd. (CCTEB) works as the general contractor. As General Contractor of China Zun Tower, we focus on technical innovation. We have applied 20+ new technologies on this project, among which BIM provides us evolutional experience. We deeply work with designers and subcontractors based on BIM models. With BIM's advantage of information integration, we significantly increase efficiency and construction quality. And it also improves the team's capability to handle a super complicated project like this. - Xu Lishan Executive Chief Engineer & Construction Director of China Zun Tower China Construction Third Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd

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