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Manage building project risk factors that impact profitability

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Is your business profitable? Document errors and omissions trigger RFIs In a highly-competitive environment, delivering accurate designs while minimizing change orders is key to achieving business objectives. However, the reality is that building system designs are complex, regardless of size, and no design document is perfect from the outset. Errors and omissions in documents require clarification through the RFI (request for information) process. A global study conducted by Navigant found that, on average, there are 9.9 RFIs per $1 million of construction. With the average total cost per RFI review and response pegged at more than $1,000, the processing of RFIs themselves has an impact on building project budget. In addition, the Navigant study found that the median time it takes to reply to an RFI ranges from seven to ten days. Further, projects with longer durations are shown to generate larger populations of RFIs, reflecting the more complex nature of larger projects. RFIs required due to document errors or omissions are a risk factor that can add to project scope, impacting both budget and timeline. However, building professionals working in a BIM (Building Information Modeling) process have found that BIM significantly reduces document errors due to the parametric linking of all data to the model. A change Controlling project costs and managing factors that impact building project timelines is top-of-mind for building design professionals, for good reason. Increased competition and firm consolidation mean that clients expect more competitive project costs, schedules, and quality. Cost pressures cut into the profit margins required for reinvestment in sustained growth, while compressed schedules and budgets push teams to do more with less. How do you manage these building project risk factors?

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