ProjectReady + BIM 360 for AEC: Connecting the Cloud with Process Over Platform

April 9, 2019 Joseph Giegerich

More than any industry, the AEC (Architecture, Engineering & Construction) industry has always struggled with content chaos. Members of an AEC project have particular needs based on their particular skills that drive what platforms and applications to help them best do their job.

The specific and unique content and information challenges has traditionally meant the advantages of the cloud have been out of reach for the AEC.  However, whether on-premise or in the cloud, the daunting challenge of content chaos has been a perennial burden for a team comprised of a wide range of skills. That challenge has been to easily collaborate and drive a consistent process to drive efficiency, profitability and success on a project.


Managing Content with ProjectReady + BIM 360

But with platforms such as SharePoint Office 365 & OneDrive now supporting CAD drawings and DWG files, the power of Autodesk BIM 360 and systems like accounting and CRM all moving to the cloud; there are real  choices for the AEC to take advantage of the incredible value of the digital transformation of the enterprise the cloud represents.

But your project isn’t a platform. It’s a process.

A project is collaboration between people with specific roles and skills and who work with the tools that are best for them to do their job.  Its success is measured by working within a budget, delivered on time with quality. To do that everyone needs to be on the same page and sync.


To take advantage of the digital transformation of cloud platforms and services, you need to rethink and transform the idea of a project itself.

projectready-bim-360-integration-body01Systems need to be connected, but not just through traditional technology connections like application interfaces and web services; the only meaningful connection that will drive value and not increase overhead is one that streamlines or augments your process, always in the context of a project.

ProjectReady understands this challenge, delivering a unique solution to the market place which focuses on high value and return on investment for the enterprise, driving process over platform and getting more value from what you already own.

For further information, join ProjectReady for an upcoming webcast demonstration to learn how to drive process across platforms and connect, control, and distribute content across SharePoint, Autodesk BIM 360, and Box. 


Watch a quick overview of the ProjectReady + BIM 360 integration 



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