Rapid and Relevant Reality Capture Data with Leica Geosystems, Pointfuse, and BIM 360

May 10, 2019 Josh Cheney

As the number of new construction technologies and applications grows, contractors have more choice than ever before on the collection of tools they employ on their projects. Digitalization of construction processes also generates a broad amount of project data, which can be harnessed to improve project outcomes.

However, this can be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, point solutions can make existing processes more efficient. On the other hand, they can create data silos and inefficiencies that limit the realization of their true potential if workflows and data are not integrated in a cohesive way. This is where integrating construction technologies can make a huge difference; delivering increased efficiency, reduced risk, and higher profits.

 We’ve talked before about the benefits of integrations to unify and harness construction project data. But as construction app ecosystems develop, multi-layered integrations are taking place between multiple providers and between both hardware, software, and platform creators. A great example of this is the integration between Leica, Pointfuse, and Autodesk BIM 360 which combines the latest in laser scanning hardware, point cloud and reality capture technology, and a connected digital construction ecosystem to bring reality capture data to where you can use it.


An integration between Leica, Pointfuse, and Autodesk BIM 360 combines the latest in laser scanning hardware and reality capture technology


Introducing the Leica Geosystems, Pointfuse, and BIM 360 Integration

Leica Geosystems is a world leader in measurement and surveying instruments. The latest laser scanner from Leica, the RTC 360, is designed to rapidly document and capture site information in 3D without the need to stop work or alter the environment. The RTC 360 reality capture solution can create 3D colored point clouds in under two minutes, and the infield automatic scan registration minimizes post-processing time, ensuring the surveyor can check coverage before leaving the site.

Once this information is collected, it needs to be interpreted, refined, and communicated to the right people across the project team. This is where the supporting software of Pointfuse and the Autodesk BIM 360 platform comes in, building on the existing Pointfuse and BIM 360 integration. Pointfuse is the only middleware software solution that automatically converts any point cloud of any format or source, structured or unstructured, into an intelligent, manageable, and segmented as-built 3D mesh model.

The results can then be directly uploaded to the BIM 360 construction management platform. The result is an integrated workflow combining the latest sensor technology with processing and co-ordination software to deliver real-time and accurate data that reduces project risk. Large contractors such as AECOM are already leveraging this workflow on some of their projects.



Pointfuse is the only middleware software solution that automatically converts into an intelligent as-built 3D mesh model


How Can You Benefit?

With the rapid data collection and processing made possible by this integration, contractors can experience a range of benefits that minimize project risk and cost. This allows contractors to:

  • Anticipate and avoid clashes before they become costs.
  • Minimise disruption on-site.
  • Verify the quality, timing, and cost of work completed by subcontractors.
  • Support offsite construction workflows by ensuring they have accurate site dimensions.
  • Simplify asset and facilities maintenance and management with an accurate 3D digital twin of the building.
  • Capture as-built conditions and geometry for effective refurbishment and renovation.


Effective decision making requires accurate, consistent, timely and relevant as-built data distributed and shared to all interested parties, and this integration aims to deliver on that.



Watch Our On-Demand Webinar

To learn how this workflow is being put into practice on live projects today, watch our webinar with Leica Geosystems and Pointfuse featuring AECOM.

Please join us as Russ Dalton & Sam Dough (AECOM), Matt Wheelis (Leica Geosystems), Steve Salmon (Pointfuse) and Josh Cheney (Autodesk) discuss how contractors can gain the benefits listed above and how AECOM is putting this integration into practice. aecom-pointfuse-webinar

Watch the Webinar Now! 

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