Construction Executive On-Demand: Harness the Power of Construction Data

With the digitization of construction processes and the use of mobile devices on jobsites, we are seeing more data captured from our projects than ever before. This data can be used to improve overall quality and reduce project risk. But according to a study by FMI, 95% of that data is going unused by construction and engineering firms.

Watch this on-demand replay to learn how a single data platform like BIM 360 can reduce risk and increase efficiency across every stage of the construction process. 

During this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The value of a single source of truth for all your construction data
  • What machine learning is and how it can help construction
  • An overview of how software enables prediction in analytics
  • Best practices to get your organization set up to leverage insights from data. 



Too Long; Didn't Watch (TL;DW)

Too busy to watch the whole video? We get it, so here's our summary breakdown...

First, let’s look at 3 major factors currently impacting the construction industry:

  1. Strain on the industry and uncertainty about the future
  2. An increase in construction technology
  3. Data overload and disconnected data (existing in siloes)

The good news is that Harnessing construction data minimizes project risk by allowing you to be more proactive than reactive on the jobsite. 

And since you can’t fully manage all your project data when it exists in silos, it’s important to leverage a single-source-of-truth to put your hard earned data to work.


How Do We Deal with Data Overload?


You can get out of data overload by using a ‘single source of truth’ for all of your construction data. A platform like BIM 360 can gather all of your internal and external data, and organize it in a way that puts your data to work for you. 




Putting Data to Work

You can move from ‘reactive’ to ‘predictive’ on the jobsite when you use machine learning to analyze risk on your behalf. 



The Combined Power of Data and Machine Learning

Collecting data on the jobsite isn’t enough. To put it to work you have to be able to analyze the data. However, with so much information coming in, it can be overwhelming to know how to analyze it all. That’s where the power of machine learning comes into play. 



How to PARIC Uses Data to Stay Ahead of the Curve (Even During a Pandemic)


Who is PARIC?


PARIC gathers data across multiple points of a project lifecycle, then uses Project IQ to process and analyze that data, offering real-time information, updates, and next steps to every stakeholder. 


Putting data to use in this way solves a number of issues, before they even start:


Watch the webinar, or schedule a live demo, and put BIM 360 to use today!

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