ENR On-Demand: Advanced Work Packaging: Can It Work on My Job?

May 4, 2020

With research showing field productivity boosted by 25% and installed project cost reduced by up to 10%, Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) is more than an industry buzzword. It’s catching on as a successful project management approach based on project thinking with the end in mind, emphasizing construction sequencing in driving upfront planning. Megaproject owners were early adopters of AWP, but more owners now require it from contractors before bidding on a project. 

Learning Objectives - After viewing this on-demand webinar recording, attendees should be able to:

- Describe the principles of Advanced Work Packaging in construction.
- Explain the steps needed to get started with AWP on your project or site.
- Determine how to scale AWP approaches for different project size and type.
- Identify key technology tools to support AWP and how to adapt it for field use.



Too Long? Didn't Watch?

We've got you covered. Here's a quick breakdown of the information you might have missed. 

What is Advanced Work Packaging?

AWP is a planned, executable process that encompasses the work on an EPC project, beginning with initial planning and continuing through detailed design and construction execution. AWP provides the framework for productive and progressive construction, and presumes the existence of a construction execution plan.

Key Principles of Advanced Work Packaging:


Key Benefits of AWP:

  • Field productivity boosted by 25%

  • Install project cap costs reduced by up to 10%

  • Improved safety

  • Predictable outcomes

  • Less Rework



How to Get Started With AWP:


Lessons Learned:


How To Fail at AWP:

  1. Assume AWP is just another packaging system and not get trained

  2. Tolerate weak project management

  3. Don’t engage in Predictability Thinking

  4. Allow your team to operate without clear accountabilities


AWP Focus Areas:


How to Establish an AWP Timeline:


Using Technology to Support AWP in the Field:


Technology like BIM 360, running on an iPad or mobile device, puts all needed information at a user’s fingertips. This keeps every person working with the end in mind. Here are a few key benefits on the jobsite:

  • RFI Initiation at the workfront

  • System walkdowns

  • And much more...


Watch the webinar, or schedule a live demo, and put BIM 360 to use today!

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