[Webinar] Optimizing Your Construction Workflows: RFIs & Submittals

No matter the size of your company or scope of the projects you work on, one thing contractors of all sizes try to solve for is a way to create more predictability on their projects.

Many have turned to technology to not only provide them a way to digitally manage their workflows, but also utilize the data generated from that technology to gain deeper insights into project performance to maintain and/or keep a competitive edge.

As part of our quarterly ‘Optimizing Your Construction Workflows’ webinar series, Esteban Corrales, Technical Solutions Executive at Autodesk and Camille Hardin, Project Manager at Overaa Construction will discuss the current state of the industry and provide tips, best practices, and innovative ideas to optimize RFI and Submittal workflows.



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The State of the Industry:

In a matter of 24 hours the industry had to reshape the way it works. Even though COVID 19 has shown to be regionalized (some areas shutting down while others remain open), we do know that supply chain and labor impacts are coming. So even if your office has not closed, the industry has definitely been impacted. 

According to a survey, 15% of projects in US and UK came to a halt, and 23% of firms are experiencing supply chain delays. 

The good news is, our industry has proven time and time again to be resilient. Construction in the US is already coming back and ramping up.

Construction is incredibly collaborative, but very fragmented. Technology is helping to enable collaboration. In order for companies to collaborate wherever they are, it has become a necessity to move practices to the cloud. 


Optimizing Your Construction Workflow: RFIs

While at times painful, RFIs are a necessary part of any project, and without proper project management in place, RFIs can ultimate be a roadblock. Costing projects time and money.

Here is a list of common RFI challenges, and tips for how to manage them properly in a digital landscape.  



Optimizing Your Construction Workflow: Submittals

Here is a list of common submittal challenges, as well as tips for how to manage them properly.



To learn more about optimizing your RFI and Submittals workflows, watch the webinar above!
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