Why Your Business Needs a Construction Management Platform (August 2020)

Watch this on-demand replay to learn how a single data platform like BIM 360 can reduce risk and increase efficiency across every stage of the construction process. 

During this webinar, you’ll learn how:

  • Which problems face the construction industry most heavily. 
  • How much money is wasted due to missing data or misused time.
  • How to unify all your construction data to put it to use for you.


Too Long; Didn't Watch (TL;DW)

Too busy to watch the whole video? We get it, so here's the our summary breakdown...

The construction industry isn’t perfect. But new technology is helping to solve some of those problems. 

First, let’s look at some of the problems currently facing the construction industry:


1. Missing project data


2. Poor Communication


3. Poor Productivity 


4. Lack of Safety Programs


4. Too Many Different Technologies


5. Unused Data

So how do we fix it? One option is to seek out individual softwares for each issue. But when searching for construction software, you quickly realize you’re being bombarded by a number of different products. 

And while these products can indeed help, if they live disconnected from each other, it doesn’t always solve the underlying issues. 

This is why a single data platform is vital. It seamlessly pulls data between one application to another. 



Here’s how a single data platform like BIM 360 helps. It’s:


1. Connected


2. Secure


3. Data Driven


4. Integrated


BIM 360 keeps all of your projects and data in one single platform. Everything from design collaboration through construction activities. 



To learn how to put BIM 360 to use as your single data platform, watch the webinar or schedule a live demo today!

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