How EMR is Impacting Your Bottom Line and Opportunities to Improve

EMR (Experience Modifier Rate) is a critical construction safety metric, visible in your company’s profile, that has a bigger impact on your bottom line than many realize.

Join us as we look into the effects of EMR on your business and how you can improve it by implementing a proactive safety management program.  

In this 45-minute on-demand webinar we’ll start to uncover:

  • Mobile technology impacts and opportunities
  • Key benefits of standardizing a digital inspection program 
  • Ways to leverage & analyze the inspection data collected
  • Machine learning’s role in predicting and preventing safety risks

After all, many say “what gets measured, gets managed”. We’d agree and add “what gets managed, gets done”.

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AECOM Immersive Technology for Safety Showreel
AECOM Immersive Technology for Safety Showreel

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