Skanska + BIM 360 Insight: Bringing Construction Risks to the Forefront

April 2, 2019
Autodesk University Industry Talk


Skanska was an early adopter of BIM 360 Insight, which uses machine learning to sift through thousands of data points and help project teams identify project risk factors in real time. From the perspectives of the user and developer, the presenters will discuss how Skanska and Autodesk partnered and collaborated to adapt this new technology to the industry processes and ensure its readiness for adoption across projects within Skanska.

We will highlight successes as well as the challenges to presenting AI-reviewed data for action for executives and jobsites. Understanding that new tools present with new benefits and challenges, we will present best practices and lessons learned for other contractors to implement BIM 360 Insight. We will also present opportunities to expand BIM 360 Insight from the current use cases for collaboration beyond the current jobsite. View on



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Future of Project Risk Management for General Contractors
Future of Project Risk Management for General Contractors

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